About Safe and Transparent Claremont

Safe & Transparent Claremont is an advocacy group for the promotion of transparency and cooperation between City Government, citizens and prospective developers, for the safety, protection, and betterment of our community.

We are a diverse collection of neighbors, residents and concerned citizens that came together in response to the lack of transparency surrounding the proposed development of 731 Harrison Ave, which is now named Larkin Place.

Our desire is to promote rational conversations and provide facts which are not being disclosed by Jamboree, Pilgrim Place or the City regarding Larkin Place.

We are NOT against supportive housing but we ARE against the PSH on Harrison Ave. that is within 1 block of El Roble middle school, Larkin Park (home of Claremont AYSO) and The First Baptist Church preschool. We believe this is not the right population and not the right location considering the alternatives.

We are trying to bring transparency and education to a discussion that is dominated by Jamboree – a $3.2Billion O.C. corporation that stands to profit off Larkin Place, and by local and City officials who are promoting only the perceived benefits of the project without considering the negative impacts.

We cannot stand back and “trust” Jamboree and the City to look after our interests nor can we minimize the complicated issues of mental illness, addiction, income inequality and affordable housing that this project fails to adequately address.

Guiding Principles of Safe & Transparent Claremont

Safe & Transparent Claremont is a widely diverse group of concerned citizens connected by a passion for safety, truth, and the following guiding principles.

  • We believe all people, regardless of health or socio-economic circumstances, deserve to be treated with kindness, dignity and respect, even when faced with differing beliefs, opinions and experiences.
  • We believe the Claremont community should do everything in its power to assist the less fortunate among us without sacrificing the health, safety, and well-being of its residents, particularly the most vulnerable.
  • We believe the decision-making processes of our city council, city commissions, and city staff should be honest, fair, transparent, and include input from a wide cross-section of residents so that Claremont’s identity remains a true reflection of all residents and not a select and vocal few.

Larkin Park is a 4-story Project Overlooking Larkin Park Soccer Fields

The four-story $22 million dollar apartment complex at $700,000 per apartment pitched as “affordable housing”. 

Jamboree has never had a high needs-only housing project in low density residential neighborhood right next to schools and a park. This type of development will be a first for Jamboree Special Needs housing.


Thursday July 21, 6:30 PM: Meeting with City Councilmember Corey Calaycay at Claremont Baptist Church


Past Meetings

Wednesday, June 22 5:30PM: Jamboree walk-through on location at 731 Harrison. Jamboree postponed this meeting as well from June 15th

Thursday June 16, 7PM: Safe & Transparent Claremont speaks to Active Claremont with Housing Claremont and Pilgrim Place

Thursday June 9, 6:30PM: Safe & Transparent Claremont meeting with Councilmember Sal Medina at Claremont Baptist Church

Wednesday, June 8th, 6PM: Jamboree previously postponed this meeting and addressed delivering Supportive Services

Thursday April 7, 6:30pm: Meeting with City Councilmember Corey Calaycay at Claremont Baptist Church

Monday May 16, 6:00pm: Meeting with City Councilmember Jennifer Stark at Claremont Baptist Church

Monday May 23, 10AM: Meeting with Mayor Jed Leano at City Hall

Monday, May 23, 6PM: Jamboree Property Management and Tenant Selection at Alexander Hughes Center

Tuesday, May 24, 6:30PM: City Council Meeting at City Hall

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